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If you want to keep your garage doors in good condition, here are some interesting tips on how you can maintain them so that they will last for a long time. We provide smart ideas and draw your attention to the things you ought to be aware of with your garage door systems.

Garage door level should be checked

Garage Door Repair Co El Cajon highly recommends a thorough check of the garage door’s level. One method to do this is to lower the door to a fully closed position and then letting the door go. If the door does not lift off the floor, then it is level. If it does, it indicates that the springs are tight and needs adjustment.

Clean garage door at least twice a year

To lessen damages of the garage door parts, it is necessary to clean the garage door at least twice a year. It can be done by using water and household concentrated detergents which are commonly used for cleaning. Garage doors on houses along coastal areas especially need regular cleaning to remove salt particles from the door.

Time how long it takes for your garage door to open

By timing how long it takes your garage door to open every few months, you can see when issues start to rise. This allows you to have it repaired quickly if there is, in fact, a problem because you’ll catch it in time.

Apply an additional coat

The paint of some garage doors chips off easily, making the metal inside prone to rusting and damage. To avoid this, our specialists recommend applying a coat of antirust or strengthening compound to make your garage door stronger and tougher, especially against the elements, dirt, and rust. It will only take hours, but with great results.

Garage door winter maintenance

Sweep the snow that has accumulated, in order to always clear the bottom of the garage door seal. Apply sufficient amount of table salt on the seal to prevent it from freezing. Keep the salt stored in a big container and place it close to the door to remember to apply it regularly during the cold season.

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