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Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs is a specialty of our garage door contractors at our garage door company in El Cajon. The garage door springs are necessary in order to open the door. Without garage door springs the door would be difficult to be lifted. Replacing the garage door springs is an issue that our garage door contractors deal with all the time.  Our garage door company in El Cajon is open 24/7 providing emergency services. We keep the service trucks stocked with quality parts like the extension and torsion springs. These are the two types of springs used with garage doors. Give the best garage door company in El Cajon a call today for all of your broken spring repair/replacements.Garage Door Springs in California

Count on our garage door maintenance service to ensure avoiding a sudden breakdown on your garage door. We’ll check the overall condition of the door and recommend any repairs and enhancements. Our technicians will also lubricate and tighten parts to ensure smooth operation. Known for effective and timely garage door repair service, there is no task too difficult for our talented technicians, when it comes to fixing garage door issues. Some of the specific services we offer are bent track, snapped cables and broken torsion spring repair.

The two types of springs that we generally use all the time are the extension spring and the torsion spring. The extension springs go on both sides of the garage door and are used with a lighter door. The extension spring could last a very long time, but it depends on the number of cycles (how many times the garage door is opened) as to how long the springs last. The extension spring can only be used with a garage door that weighs less than 400 pounds. The technicians from our local garage door service in El Cajon can replace or install your garage door springs in just one day.

Friendly and skilled staff for your garage door repair concerns.

The other type of spring is the torsion spring. This spring is mainly used for a heavier door that weighs more than 400 pounds. The torsion spring is placed in a different area than the extension spring. The torsion spring hangs above the garage door. Once again it depends on how often the garage door is used as to how long the springs will last. Every time the door is opened and closed the springs expand and contrast. And the springs will wear down. These springs are heavy and can be difficult to install and should only be installed by a professional from our garage door company in El Cajon.

There are galvanized garage door springs that can add a different look to your garage door. Our garage door contractors can replace or install either type of garage door spring in just a few hours. Visit Garage Door Springs El Cajon and a skilled technician can help you determine which type of spring would be best for your door.

Our El Cajon Company has built a reputation as being the best garage door service in the area. We have been in El Cajon for many years replacing, installing and repairing garage doors and garage door parts. Our garage door contractors give quick service by using only quality parts. We are conveniently open 24/7, so we can take care of our customers’ garage door needs

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