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The experts respond. FAQs for garage door repair at your fingertips on this page.

Why do I need to call for a technician when the door opener control is broken?

Garage door openers are run by electricity.  If not fixed with complete care, it can cause serious injuries as electric shock to anyone nearby or touching it. Fixing issues on your garage door opener alone or without any precautions should not be done in order to avoid serious and fatal life safety issues such as electric shock and even possible death.

Can I manually lock my garage door if I am on vacation?

Using slide bolt type of locks, you can easily lock your garage door manually. When the slide bolts are active, never operate your garage door opener because it will definitely damage the garage door. If you have an electronic door opener, Garage Door Repair Co El Cajon recommends unplugging the opener to avoid any electrical issues while you are away.

Are garage door hinges important?

You must never forget that all garage door parts are important and specialists at Garage Door Repair El Cajon warn us that our security depends on their excellent condition. Loose garage door hinges due to missing or rusty screws can create much bigger problems. If the garage door cable is not stable, for example, it won't work fine and make the door dysfunctional. Great problems have been emerged in the past due to loose hinges or screws.

What type of garage door best suits my home?

There are many types of garage doors available in the market today. The type of doors that are dust, weather, rust and bump resistant are expensive because they are made from high quality materials with durable and sturdy features. It is advisable to obtain first an estimate of the total cost plus researching about the pros and cons of the available doors before making the big decision about it. Keep in mind that this is an investment for your home.

Do attached garages need higher security?

The truth is that they would need high security and efficient garage door repair because if someone gains access in, he can easily gain access to your home, too. It might be more comfortable to have an attached garage in El Cajon but you must maintain the system often, add good bolts in the door leading to the dwelling and on garage doors to ensure security.

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